Things You Should Never Do When Writing A Dissertation

To graduate from a master's or doctoral program, many students will be expected to write a dissertation. This document can span from 50 to 200 pages and encompasses the entirety of the student's research. If the document is not well-written, it can actually result in the a failure for the program. When writing a dissertation, the following problems should be avoided as much as possible.

Do Not Be Afraid to Change Advisers

One of the most common mistakes is to stay with an adviser who is not the right fit. Sometimes, advisers are too busy to help the student or they are not knowledgeable about a particular subject. In some instances, the student and the adviser may have problems getting along together. Whatever the issue is, the solution is simple: switch advisers. Far too many students stay with an academic adviser who is not working out. Rather than be stuck with the wrong adviser, students should just make the switch.

Stop Making Comparisons

It is perfectly natural for students to want to compare their progress to their classmates. When it comes to writing a dissertation, this should never be done. The classmate may be faster with their research or they may run into problems later on. Students should never compare their progress to other students because it will only make them paranoid. Everyone works at their own pace. As long as the student is accomplishing all of the work according to their schedule, they are doing just fine.

Stop Saving Paper

The trees and Mother Nature will not rebel if a few extra pages are printed. It is perfectly normal for doctoral students to print hundreds and hundreds of pages every week. Although the sheer amount of wasted paper may seem frightening, it is truly unavoidable. Students should stop worrying about the paper they waste and just get their writing over with.

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Writing Tips

Do Not Give Up

At some point, most students will doubt their entire project, thesis and research.

When this happens, the student should just take a breath and walk away. A few moments or an evening to clear their mind is the right solution. In the past, some students have suffered from self-doubt and changed their topic or given up entirely. If the topic was good enough to work on the first few months, it will still be a good idea later on.

Time Changes

Once the student begins writing a dissertation, their time is no longer their own.

Every spare minute or hour must be planned out in advance. Ultimately, the student only has a set number of hours to complete their project, Although it may seem like a long time initially, these days will go extremely quickly as the project unfolds. Students must be excellent at time management if they want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to researching and writing their essays.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Professor

Sometimes, students are stuck on a research question or unable to work due to writer's block.

Rather than remain confused and stymied, students should reach out for help. Every professor has had to write a similar paper before. They are familiar with the type of format and the kind of research techniques that are required. Rather than waste this vital research, students should turn to their favorite teacher or their academic adviser when they need some extra help.