Guidelines For Writing The Acknowledgement Section For Your Dissertation

A good paper must always have an acknowledgement section. You will realize that when you are working on your paper, this particular section will come towards the beginning of your paper. It is an important part of your work because you show gratitude to those who made it possible for you to achieve your dream of getting the work done. Without their support you might perhaps never have managed to work on and finish your work the way you have.

It is a good and humane trait to show gratitude where it is due. This is an important aspect of life that perhaps no one might teach you, but common sense dictates that you know when to be appreciative of the assistance that you are accorded by those around you. For your dissertation you will be looking to thank those whose efforts in any way possible made your work a success.

We do realize that not so many students ever get the chance to learn how to write a proper acknowledgement section. As a matter of fact a lot of teachers do not even touch on it, and it is for this reason that so many students end up struggling in the long run. To help you get through this, the following are some useful tips that will make your work easier as you advance through your academics:

  • Choose the right tone
  • Mention assistance in descending order of importance
  • Mention any financial assistance that you might have received

Choose the right tone

Imagine you are reading a serious paper and then at the acknowledgement section you come across something like “shout out to my hommies T-Bag and Juicy Jay for that blunt that kept me up all night to finish my paper”. This would be outright preposterous. You need to be professional as you work on this.

Mention assistance in descending order of importance

The list of names that is mentioned in this section is supposed to be done in a descending order, from the most important contributors to the least important. This is particularly so in the event that you are listing support from members of the same teaching faculty.

Mention any financial assistance that you might have received

Finally, if you had some financial support from some organization to help you see your dissertation to fruition, make sure that you mention this one here too.