The Top 25 Best Law Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

Law students find it difficult, sometimes, to find out the dissertation topics to write on. If you are also one of them, no need to worry now. We are presenting here some law dissertation topics that you can consider.

  1. An investigation of the contemporary assisted suicide practices in the United States
  2. A detailed study of the process of utilization of the tort laws in common life from the perspective of a paralegal
  3. A detailed study into the nature and scope of the definition of statutory rape in the United States
  4. A detailed analysis of the Trust of land and Property Act as an extension of the constitutionality of right to ownership
  5. A brief analysis of arbitration practices in civil engineering in contemporary Indian roadways’ industry
  6. A brief study into the rights to inheritance from Life Insurance Trust funds in cases of dissolved marriages.
  7. A detailed analysis of the interrelated working of the judiciary and execution branches of the government in the dominion states
  8. A study into the evolution of the company laws over the course of the last three hundred years
  9. A comparative analysis of the implication of the patent laws in the technology industry and the fashion industry
  10. A study into the practice of drafting an iron clad non disclosure agreement in technology companies in the state of California in the United states
  11. A study of the criminal justice system’s inefficacy in successfully rehabilitating convicted sex offenders
  12. A study of the evolution of copyright and trademark laws in India from British Colonial Era to the contemporary form
  13. A critique of the existing labor laws in the diamond mining industry of Sierra Leon
  14. A critique on the definition of ethics and morality in the practice of law
  15. A study of the definition and scope of the legal responsibility of the father toward the unborn fetus
  16. The right to life of the unborn fetus from a perspective of constitutional definition
  17. A study into the reasons behind the inhibition of federal court judges in cases related to right to life
  18. A case history tree of causes related to racial discrimination against African American women in the American motor industry in Detroit
  19. The definition and scope of wire transfer, and money laundering sting operations
  20. The definition and scope of undercover operations by the FBI in the New Jersey organized crime syndicates
  21. A study of the New York organized crime syndicates
  22. The origins of illegal drug trafficking in America
  23. The origins of illegal human trafficking in America
  24. The legality of medical marijuana
  25. A critique on the right to bear arms